Use VG Authorization URL Callback Access

This section provides introductory information about how to integrate VideoGuard into your existing systems. It is not necessary to run web server and WMS in the same machine.  VideoGuard can be used in a different environments. 

The system time in web server and WMS must be in sync.

In the WMS URL callback setting:

Set the "Valid Code" to a string, for example: "OKOKOK";
Set the callback URL to "http://mywebserver/urlcb.php?[[QUERYSTRING]]"

A streaming request as below is sent to the windows media sever:

The WMS will call the http://mywebserver/urlcb.php?paramname1=paramvalue1&paramname2=paramvalue2 and expect a returned string "OKOKOK" to authorize this streaming request.


In urlcb.php:

$val1 = $_GET["paramname1"];
$val2 = $_GET["paramname2"];
//Some validation logic here ....