VG Event Notification - Refer URL Checking

The Free Access is used by VG authentication plug-in and VG Authorization plug-in. 

Use Free Access to specify contents that can be freely access by users.  VideoGuard Free Access uses a list of strings to do a partially match with the [[REQUESTURL]]. The VG Authorization Free Access security section will be granted if there is a match. Otherwise, the VG Authorization plug-in will continue to process the rest of security sections.


 You can configure the following options for this plug-in.

Item Field in registry Description
Enable Referer URL Checking RefererURLEnable to enable the Refer URL checking feature.
Add new URL Type in a new URL  to be added to the list.
URL string match list for free access RefererURLList
Contain a list of string for refer URLs
Add button Add a new URL to the refer URL list.
Remove button Remove the selected item from the refer URL list. 

Make sure the Window Media Player is embedded in an HTML web page.


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