VG Authorization - Internal VG User Database

This feature allows the VG Authorization plugin to use an internal user database, a txt file named userdata.txt under the installed directory, to authenticate the streaming request. This internal database is also shared by  VG authentication plugin.


 You can configure the following options for this plug-in.

Item Field in registry Description
Use VG internal User Database VGUserEnable To use the internal VG user database for authorization.
Check update every X minutes VGUserCheckUpdate
To get better performance, the user database is loaded into memory during plugin initialization. This field is to configure VG checking the data update periodically. The default value is 5 minutes.  If there is an update, the VG will reload the user database into memory.
Add   To add a new user.
Edit To edit a selected user.
Delete To delete a selected user.
User List   The list of users. A user in grey will be denied streaming request due to the criteria field in red.
The criteria for a valid user account:
1. StartDate <= Current time
2. EndDate >= Current time
3. OK = 1 (enabled)


The myaccount and mypassword will be used to validate against the VG user database. Please consider using the the Authentication login prompt to validate against the VG User database if there is a security concern about passing password in the URL.


Item Field in registry Description
Account   The Account  name.
Valid characters:
[0-9][A-Z][a-z] and _-.@
First Name
User's first name.
Last Name   User's last name.
Password Account's password.
Confirmed Password Retype the password again.
Start Date   The start date of this account.
End Date   The expiration date of this account.
Account Enabled   enable or disable this account.




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