Customer Testimonials

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The followings are merely some of the emails we have received since the first version of VideoGuard was released in August 2002. 


Before we integrated our system with VideoGuard, we had 20 Windows Media Servers to serve more than 20,000 titles on line. The bandwidth was around 100 ~ 120 Mbps per server. We had been looking for a quick and efficient solution to stop account abuse and hotlink to video files. With VideoGuard from, we only need to put 6 Windows Media Servers on line and the bandwidth has dropped to 30 ~ 50 Mbps per server. VideoGuard helps us to block more than 20,000 illicit streaming connections every day. With the investment on VideoGuard, we are now very happy that we don't need to pay such a high cost for account abusing and bandwidth stealing.

Kuan-Tsang Jean, IT Manager - HiNet HiChannel

HiNet HiChannel is one of the largest Chinese VOD web sites on the Internet. It serves more than 20,000 titles on line and has 3,000,000 ADSL paid users in Taiwan and 30,000 paid members oversea.

"VideoGuard is a great program.  It has a terrific list of powerful features which we rely on  Our entire streaming site was built upon VideoGuard and it has saved us countless hours to develop out own plugin and made our lives infinitely easier.

Saint Nam.

We were using another similar product, and it is extremely cost prohibitive. We are looking for a cheaper solution that will do the exact same thing... except we don't need bells and whistles, we just need the referrer based protection. It creates a temporary user in it's own database and gives access according to that.
We are looking for a new system that will secure our feeds and provide us the entry point page to check on referrer. We simply need a plugin for WMS that will allow us to protect the streaming files from being accessed from anyone who wasn't referred by a particular site. 
With VideoGuard, we can simply develop several web pages for adding referrers that are to be accepted to the list.... if the referrer is not on the list, then the user is denied access. 

Sean Blenkhorn

Thank you so much for this great software. I can't believe what it has done for me until I saw the log. It rejects 4000 illegal connections per day. I can't image how much bandwidth I had paid for those illicit access  before I found VideoGuard.
Every month, VideoGuard has saved me $300 dollars on bandwidth and increased $200 dollars income on paid membership. Now I can not run my site without it!!

Bob Cooley 

Thanks for getting back so fast. Great technical support. Nice program.

Avi Reiter

We are using Video Guard as a component in a product we are developing. I really dig the new features of VideoGuard 2.0, especially the ability to update video usage on the fly. To us, this is a VERY important feature. 

Mark A. Palkhivala

My name is Kaiser.
I found your program on the internet, and I tested this program.
It's working very very very well................:)
It's very interesting and great protection method for media contents....
I tested this program for several ways such as general media player and media player with skin.....there is no problem to protect my media contents....
It's really nice.....

Actually, I have two sites and to serve the media contents (Windows Media Format). As you know, I have to pay high costs for bandwidth to serve the media contents. I think this program will reduce the costs for bandwidth.
I always have problem that someone sees the media contents without paying costs or someone share his ID with others (such as Double Login) or someone sees media contents through mms:// protocol directly.
But I think this program will perfectly protect media contents from those people.

Thank you....

Kaiser Choi

I'd like to congratulate you on this  great product. It is exactly what we need to protect our web site.

Kris McCann.

I got known of you via searching the news groups of Microsoft for WMS.
I am a content provider who gives out leased content to AWM's. Therefore I will need to set up a function,  that only authorized sites will have access to the videos I will give to them.

Until now, we have done this with the referer check of the .htaccess, but now we are on a windows machine and things will change :)
I have to run a table of websites (URL's) which I grant access to the videos. That means, the user will access a site on and he gets a list of videos which are implemented within the html pages on this site (by object tag's - embedded). No I have to make sure, that first this URL can have access to the videos and sec. that the user can not access the videos directly by copy the URLs out of the source code and paste them into his media player.

Also I would like to keep out other sites, which are not paying for this service, to steel the videos by hot linking

In small letters: I would like grant access to people only, which will be referred or access the videos by defined URL's Like People coming from or are on this  site
will have access to the videos. All other URL's are blocked


your service is as good as ours. If you need to promote VideoGuard I will sent out some info via my newsletter (about 6000 Webmasters). It's for free :)
if you have any info prepared, please send it over and I will take it. 

Thomas Wulff

We use VideoGuard to protect our live streaming feed. It is a great product.  It works as expected !!

Ken Wu

I've been contemplating on either using your VideoGuard or another company's plugin. Finally, I chose VideoGuard for its low cost and what it offers.  We currently use VideoGuard to provide our users a different pricing system, including membership, Pay-Per-View and Pay-Per-Minute. You guys have done a great job.

John Corley