VideoGuard 64 now runs on Windows 2008 server 64-bit
VG64 SP1 for Windows 2008 server 64-bit (09/18/13)
VG 64 for Windows 2008 server 64-bit (4/23/11)
VG 9.5.6 for Windows 2008 server (5/15/08)
VG 9.5 certified with Windows Media Player 11 (6/30/07)
VG 9.5 certified with Windows 2003 server SP2 (5/28/07)
VG 9.5 released (3/01/07)
Demo site (6/1/06)
VG 9 SP2 released (8/31/05)
samples available (6/03/04) 
VG 9 SP1 released (2/08/04)
VG 9 is released (7/12/03) 
VG 9 Beta (5/29/03) 
VG 2.1 patch (4/30/03) 
VG 2.1 support TokenID with PPM (3/28/03) 
VG 2.1 released (3/25/03) 
VG 1.5 released (12/01/02) 
VG 1.0 released (8/01/02) 
Internal VG User Database 
Allow WMS to use internal VG user database for simple site setup, no need to use external database, such as MySQL, MSSQL.

Configurable DB connection Pool cache time
The DB connection pool cache time is configurable to accommodate your ISP's DB conection timeout setting.

Support MD5 Ticket Access
It works the same way as the TokenID Access. It supports the MD5() in PHP scripting language.

Support URL Callback Checking
This feature allows you to validate the streaming request by calling a specific URL to match the returned keyword.

Support Referer URL
This feature allows you to set up referrer URL checking to authorize the legiminate web sites to embed your valuable contents.
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Thank you so much for this great software. I can't believe what it has done for me until I saw the log. It rejects 4000 illegal connections per day. I can't image how much bandwidth I had paid for those illicit access  before I found VideoGuard.
Every month, VideoGuard has saved me $300 dollars on bandwidth and increased $200 dollars income on paid membership. Now I can not run my site without it!!

-- Bob Cooley 

Before we integrated our system with VideoGuard, we had 20 Windows Media Servers to serve more than 20,000 titles on line. The bandwidth was around 100 ~ 120 Mbps per server. We had been looking for a quick and efficient solution to stop account abuse and hotlink to video files. With VideoGuard from, we only need to put 6 Windows Media Servers on line and the bandwidth has dropped to 30 ~ 50 Mbps per server. VideoGuard helps us to block more than 20,000 illicit streaming connections every day. With the investment on VideoGuard, we are now very happy that we don't need to pay such a high cost for account abusing and bandwidth stealing.

Jean, IT Manager - HiChannel

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